CUTTER WOOD ("Cutter Wood Writes About Seven Words") has been the lexicological correspondent for Wag’s Revue since 2011. He divides his time between New York and Pennsylvania. 
MARY MARGARET ALVARADO ("Dear Joshua") is the author of Hey Folly (Dos Madres). She’s editing Joshua Casteel’s uncollected nonfiction and revising a post-apocalyptic novel. She notes news of her work here.
JONATHAN ROVNER ("Ruler of the Four Corners of the Universe") learned to write at Walnut Hills Elementary in Centennial, Colorado.  He has recently been published in The Saint Ann’s Review, Indiana Review, and the creative nonfiction anthology Far Edges of the Fourth Genre.  He teaches at Morehead State University.    
HANNAH PASS ("Palmistry for the Modern Age") lives in Portland, Oregon. Her stories have appeared in American Short Fiction, Tin House and Kenyon Review Online. She’s currently at work on her first novel.
DANIEL BRAUER ("The Demise of Misha Temkin") is nice to his mother and eats his vegetables.  He is a software engineer by day and a writer the rest of the time. His writing has appeared in Prairie Schooner, Punchnel’s, Keyhole Magazine, and a few other publications.  He is working on a novel, and he tweets, poorly, here: @danbrauer.