Jill stood and identified herself as said girl, and spoke of how you two broke up, as even that was peaceable. He brought me a scarf from China, she said. Said he was going to become a priest. We cried. Then we went to a zombie movie.


The sum of it all was thank you, was love.


Now days keep happening, and news.


The quality of bumper stickers in these parts is improving. I thought you’d like these: “Jesus would use a turn signal.” And, “Make awkward sexual advances, not war.”


A French newspaper published “crude caricatures” of the Prophet Muhammad. A man died for seven days and came back with three lessons. Baxter took Kathleen to a beach in San Diego; he asked her to marry him and she said yes. Your team is finally winning.


People are asking: Does LSD have a bum rap? Is digital self-publishing the end of literature? Will manufacturing jobs return? Can superseeds save us from drought, and when will the Maldives disappear?


A new report calls our age “The Age of Western Wildfires.” Another finds that in almost every language the word for red is developed before the word for blue. I read that, “Cities polluted by leaded gasoline turn children violent.” And, “The death of a child increases a mother’s immediate risk of death by 133 percent.” And, “Early Christians were called ‘Christs.’”


Early voting is on. The incumbent thinks it’s acceptable to use drones to kill civilians (the Bureau of Investigative Journalism says 176 children have died this way); the challenger characterizes the incumbent as “weak.” He says he needs to “man up” on the “Arab world” and stop “leading from behind.”