“Even you?”


She laughed. “I hope so.” And then she read to me for nearly an hour from one of the time travel books. I couldn’t remember the last time she read for so long. Robby and Bobbie were back with Merlin in King Arthur’s court. They saw the round table and everything. They both thought Geneviere was very beautiful. Mom read until I could hardly stay awake and I told her it was okay to stop.




Mom still went to classes, but she came home as soon as they were over. She never went to study group anymore. I loved my grandma, but her TV didn’t have the cartoon channel or Nickelodeon, and I got tired of playing Go Fish with her. One afternoon while Mom was in class, Grandma went out shopping. I watched a show about two identical men who were brothers. They both loved the same lady and got into a fight about it, right there on TV. Grandma must have gone to see Sergeant Defenbargh, because she came back with grocery bags full of my toys and books. It was like she had gone shopping at my house.


I dumped my books on the floor and started to sort them, and did the same thing with my army men and transformers. 


“Did Sergeant Defenbargh paint the front yard yet?”


“No, dear.”


“He might need my help.”