CB: I can say this fairly quickly. Don’t quit. Be courageous. Read everything. And cultivate a “fuck-you” attitude.


SL The final question is one Wag’s Revue has asked me to ask you. A “wag” is defined as “any one ludicrously mischievous; a merry droll; a habitual joker.” Who is your favorite wag, and why?


CB: Right now?


SL: Yeah.


CB: Doug Stanhope.


SL: Okay.


CB: [Laughs] He’s a stand-up comedian.


SL: Why?


CB: He’s hilarious. He’s a little crazy. He’s sort of a wild man. He’s opposed to the usual standard authority. I just love listening to him. And he’s an incredible performer. This was probably meant to be a literary question. But Stanhope has gotten me through a lot of bad times. I’ve never seen him in person.


SL: Well, let’s hope he comes around the Midwest.


CB: Yeah. [Laughs]