RS: And it’s ultimately, like, what communicates the idea? Did they get what you were talking about?


JH: But people on Twitter are, like, mad that I did not endorse the appropriate thing, and I understand. Pedantry is a different kind of bloodsport. Yeah. So to answer the previous question, this show is definitely born of the dead panic that set in during January of this year, saying, “What do I want to do with my career?” Because, it’s not as though I’ve made it forever and I never have to work again. I still have to cobble together work. So I decided that I want to do more performance, and so I booked a bunch of shows at a performance space / bar in Park Slope called Union Hall, and I ended up doing 14 of these unannounced shows called “Secret Society,” where I would just fill the hour as best I could. I really gave myself license to just do or say whatever it was, and not worry about if it fit into the rubric of a particular character, or point of view, or a particular project — just, like, fill up the hour. And, you know, panic is a really catalyzing force for creativity. And I liked the material I got together and now I get to go around the country and perform it. But I’m still not sure that’s the answer. I went into the basement of Union Hall in Park Slope to try to find what I want to do next and I’m still trying to find it. But honestly, I don’t mind this. I mean, coming to a place I’ve never seen before, and literally having a marching band walking down the street, and walking into a beautiful theater I’ve never been in before, and sitting in this Muppet Show-like dressing room…It’s really hard to argue with that. I’m pretty happy with it…Any other questions?


RS: I have a couple light ones. Who’s your favorite dictator?


JH: Oh, I would say, probably Barack Obama.