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Marathon was fought on a field of fennel.

Rama’s army of monkeys built a bridge

to Ceylon. The day Alexander was born

a lunatic torched the temple at Ephesus.

Eli saw the Logos. At work in the sun

and in the pupil of the eye. The Dionysian

rites demand surrender to the supernatural.

Something happens behind the eye. Shrewdness

will not save you. Aquinas smashed Albertus’

Android. What’s the Pope got to say about

Hypatia? What secrets died with Hiram?

Enkidu and Gilgamesh returned as Alexander

and Aristotle. I’ll change into a bird and

hover over your golden penis. Melchizedek

lives. King Jason, not Pimp Ballio. Is any

martyr innocent? Only the lowest spirits are

attracted to blood sacrifices. Painful memories

are stored in the viscera. In one hand serpents,

in the other blades of corn. Helen mixed

poppies with mandrake and henbane. It was

the poison angel who seduced Eve.