Lewin’s Phantastica


Encumbered with boulders and creepers,

Baby Face, take the pain away. It takes

two tones to make a trill. Culture shapes

the visions. Chemical straightjacket. 

Henbane for rain magic, nutmeg for

healing. Hares leave the fells. Ishtar

hung out her multicolored necklace.

Amazons to the Black Sea. Narayana,

the seven-headed serpent, the mother

of the waters. How can Corporal Jackie

be more real than Penthesilea? Martha

Jayne the canary and Archie the bear.

Asgard’s four rivers of milk. Thus the

happy lands are always in the west. The

woody shores of Dalmatia. The Sun

Father’s two daughters each had a finger

broken off in childbirth. These fingers

became ayahuasca and coca, respectively.

Entheogen, Entactogen, Eidetic. Pestle

in the strawberry tree. The human group-

soul.  Neutralizer of the I-Thou boundary.