Kyle Coma-Thompson


1) Ballet With Phantom Limbs. (1975). Paige Hamid. An amputee ballet. Hamid's notes specify the dancers should be veterans of the most recent war. The piece a scene by scene recreation of La Bayadere, or, if the budget allows, The Nutcracker, with wheelchairs, crutches, and amplified noisemakers. At the completion of the ballet prosthetic limbs are thrown at the bowing cast, like roses.




2) The Six Mary Vinas.” (1959). Oscar Lutz. A set piece to be performed outdoors in urban environments. Props: one piece of chalk, six homeless women, two hundred one dollar bills, a ladder. The set: on a street or sidewalk in chalk draw six smallish circles equidistant from each other. Ten paces away draw one 10X10 square. Instruct the women (the six "Mary Vinas") to each choose a circle to stand in. When the piece begins, the women are to fall on their hands and knees and lick the chalk of their circles. The first one finished is the first to run to the square, where money is already fluttering down from the height where the director stands, atop the ladder. Once the square is filled with all six Marys, throw the money by fistfuls, watch them fight for it like carp over pinches of bread. Once all of it has been pocketed, the crowd steps forward with straw brooms. Together they sweep away the edges of the square. The Marys walk away, all the richer.