Well, we’ve been around for over five years so at this point we don't really put as much of a conscious effort into building readership as we did in the earlier days.


Remember that, consciously building readership? Those humiliating emails to people who wanted nothing to do with us? Who already had too much to read? So many awkward pickup lines.


A message: “Would u like a sex date?”




Swipe left.


Swipe left.


How do you keep up interest in your name between issue releases?


We tried running a blog, once. But now we’ve sort of accepted that we're a quarterly and therefore we are doing something that's fairly antithetical to the way internet works. Our traffic spikes with a new release, and then dissipates. But it returns. For seventeen issues we’ve seen it return. There’s a confidence that comes with age.


Swipe left. Swipe left swipe left swipe left.


It reminds us of what it felt like to scroll through online magazines, back when we were young and ravenous for a publication that got us—  a publication that gutted us. That was then. We haven’t read a Triple Canopy in years; and we haven’t been single in quite some time.