So these things — Tinder, OkCupid — they’re new to us.


All those bathroom mirror selfies. And driving selfies. Gym selfies.


Swipe left. Swipe left, swipe left, swipe left.


Everyone’s getting married. Some friends are getting divorced.


Swipe left.


A message: “3 some? ffm”


Swipe left.  


They ask us about social media, they ask about fundraising.


We tell them we’ve never sought grants; that’s probably a problem. We run on fumes, which isn’t always a bad thing. Means we have to love it.


We want to ask them back: Why are you doing this? Are you sure what you want is a magazine? Imagine yourself and this magazine — all the relationships it will have affected, all the time it will have stolen, the only small sense you will have that anyone reads it — in five years, do you like it still?


But we don’t ask these things. People start magazines all the time. People can do whatever the hell they want.


“Would u like to wear thigh high stockings and I can stroke ur legs and admire? We can even get coffee as well.”


Swipe left.