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n+1 just turned ten. When we interviewed one of its co-founders, Mark Greif, in our inaugural issue, they were then where we are now, age-wise. During that conversation, we discussed how his magazine, and how The Believer — their sometime rival — have shifted away from their manifestos.  How did he account for that?


“People don’t really change that much in their core approach to things,” Greif said. “It tends to be more of the case that the thematic concerns of the journal alter. I don’t know that the basic approach really does. And a lot of the journals, historically, that you wind up liking the best, if you read a lot of these things, are the ones that when they no longer do what they originally did, stop or die.”


He seemed okay with death, dissolution. Such is the fate of a small magazine. Only the New Yorkers and Harper's of the world can afford an endless series of nip-tucks, or eternal life support. And eventually Wag’s will die. Most relationships do. But not yet.


Dan Savage says people always ask how people met; what’s much more interesting is how they stayed together.


Five fucking years and Wag’s lives.


We are, we think, sexier for the scars.


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