JF: Aparna Nancherla really cracks me up. I like seeing her standup. I’m also really loving improv shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade right now. They’re so quick. One favorite is Grandma’s Ashes. It’s a show where they tell you to share a secret and they do improv based on the secrets. I also really like Miranda July a lot. I think she does such cool stuff. I watch her and I’m just like, “What? You can do that?”


CD: So here’s the traditional last question of every Wag’s Revue interview. A wag is a wit; a kind of droll, merry jokester. Who is your favorite wag from history or literature, and why?


JF: Wow. Oh, this is tricky. Who was my favorite merry jokester?


CD: Yeah. Who is your favorite wag?


JF: This is very difficult . . .


CD: I love how seriously you’re taking it. There’s no right answer.


JF: [Laughter] It feels like there is! Okay. Elaine May and Mike Nichols, those two are my favorites. They did this thing at the Academy Awards one year. Oh, it was so awesome. They were hosting, and they did an award and they geared up for it, and they were like, “This award goes to the most mediocre . . . ” It was just so great, so unexpected, ‘cause that stuff is so stale and it was stale even then. I just loved that they had so much chemistry. They were my favorite wags.