This issue’s artwork features Google Deep Dream interpretations of past interviewees’ favorite wags.

Cover: Google #deepdream-generated portrait of Groucho Marx, who was named as a favorite wag by Michael Gregory (of the Gregory Brothers) in Issue 10: “for his mixing of class jokes and fat jokes.”





ROB DUBBIN (interview with Paul  Ford) is a writer and producer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert; he also makes games and robots. His work has appeared in such outlets as The New Yorker’s Website Dot Com and he is the proud dad of a virtual teenage daughter. This is his first of what he hopes will be many contributions to Wag’s Revue.

SANDRA  ALLEN (interview with Saeed Jones) (@sealln) is a boss-ass bitch. ’Nuff said. She did not write this bio.

THE SLUTTY FEMINIST (interview with Sorry About Last Night) a writer-producer based in Los Angeles. She blogs about sex, pubes, men, dating, feminism, and things related at Follow her on Twitter @slutty_feminist.