“Hotel Coover,” a profile of the granddaddy of electric literature Robert Coover, built in the hotel-shaped style of one of his old assignments by Robert Moor; a one-page short story by Steve McClain “The Builder, the Father, and the Son”; “Eyjafjallajökull” by Travis Smith; the best thing we ever published: “From the Unofficial Horso Wiki Project (Pardon Our Progress!)” by Beau Watkins; “A Story Per My Therapist’s Request by Rachel Yoder" by Rachel Yoder; “The Man Who Wasn’t Male” by Tony Tulathimutte; Dylan Nice’s interview with Gary Lutz; a video that alphabetizes the entirety of George W. Bush’s “Axis of Evil” speech by Lenka Clayton; a weird essay called “Tsunami Story” by Brad Fox; a weird essay called “The House of Lobster” by Miles Fuller; a weird essay called “The Destined” by Jen Percy; our interview with Alison Bechdel; Lucas Mann’s essay on Joaquin Phoenix; an excerpt from Mark Polanzak’s memoir Pop!; Matthew Clark’s essay about his dealings with UFOlogist Dr. Leo Sprinkle; Alvin Greenberg’s short story “The Most Beautiful People in the World”;  “The Idiot” by Victor Vazquez of Das Racist; an erasure poetry series by Mary Ruefle, entitled “Eyes for Everything” (she primarily corresponded with poetry editor Travis Smith via snail mail); Andrew Marantz’s essay on Louis C.K.; Brice Petersen’s poems written in response to individual episodes of the The Golden Girls; Jonathan Callahan’s essay on LeBron James; K. Silem Mohamad’s “Crap Bitches”; an essay about thinking about having sex in carwashes by Josh Wheeler; Joe Worthen’s story "The Paint Mob"; Ranjit Bhatnagar’s Pentametron; Ariel Lewiton’s “Conversations with Bros in the Sauna”; Samuel Adler-Bell’s essay on writing on David Foster Wallace; a story by Amelia Gray “On the Teat”; a story by Lindsay Hunter “Uncle Sandy’s Dogs”; Matt Siegel’s fantastic interview with Sandra Bernhard; a story by Jac Jemc “Filch and Rot”; “Cutter Wood Writes About Seven Words”; an essay in memory of Joshua Casteel by Mary Margaret Alvarado; Jonathan Rovner’s story “The Ruler of the Four Corners of the Universe”; Chris Duffy’s interview with Chris Gethard; Alex Ronan’s interview with Chris Kraus; poems by Michael Earl Craig; Mika Taylor’s story “Todd Rogers’ Advanced Seminars in Auto Aviation”; Alex McElroy’s story “How I Came to Love Kelly Sand’s Sister.”