PF: I have a little tendency to boss things around at this point in my life. It’s kind of embarrassing.


RD: I like the way my laugh is spiking. I can see the waveform.


PF: Oh, yeah, it’s good. It’s vibrant. Some poor person listening to this is just like, tearing the headphones off right now.


RD: I’ll try to jerk my head back if something mirthful happens.


PF: That’s good. Rob, what do you want to talk about today?


RD: Well, Paul, we are talking on the occasion of the end of an online literary magazine called Wag’s Revue. It’s been published for 6 continuous years on a semi-regular basis. This is the 20th issue, and it will be the last.


PF: I remember when it came out, and it was all images, and we were all like, “What?” I was at Harper’s going, “What?”


RD: You’re not unfamiliar with the idea of a magazine that is presented on the Internet in the form of images.


PF: It made everyone very angry at the time, but I remember looking at it and being like, “These are undergrads. This is pretty good.”


RD: I think it now has sort of a charming, almost anachronistic quality to it.


PF: After 6 years.


RD: We’re kind of doing this interview direct to archive. We’re going to be the top layer of the sand jar.


PF: Why not? It’s going to get increasingly cheap, so the archive itself will be like 34 cents a year to maintain.