And now, it’s this whole public trust thing, and it really is, too. If it really was just Us Weekly all the time, I think our culture would die.


RD: So, there’s a perfectly valid formation of it where it’s a loss leader; where it’s a loss leader for prestige, even. Where I pay a million dollars a year, if that’s the figure, to run a newspaper, and people with less money than me get salaries, and they do a job, and I have 6 million dollars a year coming in from somewhere else, because I bought a garbage ship that moves garbage to places.


PF: That’s right.


RD: And in the meantime, I’m a newspaper magnate.


PF: I’m over at The New Republic, which like, Chris Hughes was a guy who made an enormous amount of money from Facebook, and now he is invested in The New Republic. There’s been a lot of drama about that. Honestly, they’re very easy to write for. It’s just a totally sensible shop.


RD: Let’s be clear, I’m not saying Facebook is a garbage ship. I’m also not saying it’s not. Now on, the most recent thing you've got posted up there is from 2013. The last couple of years, you’ve mostly been writing for Medium.


PF: Yes. Because they pay me.