Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson are two New York-based stand-up comedians in their late-20s who comprise the comedy duo Sorry About Last Night. Together and separately, onstage and off, they specialize in talking candidly about sex, dating, men, and, to some extent, feminism. Both Fisher and Hutchinson are used to being the only woman in a comedy line-up of all men, and they seem relatively comfortable in the male-dominated world of mid-level professional stand-up comedy. Not to say they haven’t experienced sexism; Hutchinson was once mistaken for a stripper at a comedy club where she was performing. Their ability to talk shamelessly about sex combined with frustration over sexism in the (comedy) world mixed with a desire to bring men into the conversation seem to have all coalesced into the creation of their most popular collaboration to date, their podcast, Guys We Fucked: The Anti-Slut Shaming Podcast. Each week, Fisher and Hutchinson interview (usually, as the name would suggest) a guy one of them has fucked. The podcast was started in late December 2013 after Fisher went through a particularly tough breakup. The show is an expression of the desire to get into the mysterious heads of the (straight, usually white) men with whom their lives are intertwined. Through talking frankly and openly with their ex-lovers, they explore the differing perspectives men and women have when it comes to sexual encounters. The result is uncomfortable and funny and occasionally quite poignant. And it's being noticed: the show has over half a million followers on SoundCloud and seems to appeal especially to younger women first navigating the hurdles of sex and love and inequality and how to have a sense of humor about it all. Los Angeles-based feminist sex blogger The Slutty Feminist spoke with Fisher and Hutchinson via phone.



The Slutty Feminist, Wag’s Revue: I write my blog anonymously, and I don't tell people I plan to sleep with or have slept with about it. Do you feel inhibited with what you can and can’t say knowing certain people are listening?