TSF: You had him on didn’t you?


CF: Jesus Christ no. Dave Attell is notoriously closed-mouthed about his sex life so this is not a podcast he would ever do. He knows about it and thinks it’s hilarious. But yeah, I had a “People I Most Wanted To Meet In New York” list and Dave Attell was number one. And then, finally within the past two years, not only did I get to meet him for the first time but I basically got to befriend him. Not like we’re texting, but to the point where if I passed by and was like, “Hey Dave,” he’ll know who I am. So that was a huge thing for me. He was just someone I always looked up to, saying crazy, raunchy shit and being that old dirty dude at the bar that you’re just like, “You’ve got some stories, dude.” So yeah, that’s my guy.