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Fall 2015
Featuring a farwell essay from editor Sandra Allen; interviews with Paul Ford, Saeed Jones, and Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, the comedic duo behind the Guys We Fucked podcast; new poems by Geoffrey Nutter, Michael Martin Shea, Jendi Reiter (first place winner of the 2015 winter contest) and two audio poems by Meg Ronan; new essays by Larissa Pham, Dan Sherrell, and Doreen St. Félix; an excerpt from Leonard Richardson’s generated novel Alice’s Adventures in the Whale and new stories by Cady Vishnaic (2nd place winner of the 2015 winter contest) and Will Kaufman; with Google #deepdream generated images of past interviewees’ favorite wags.   
Fall/Winter 2014
Featuring interviews with artist and author Kate Durbin, co-founder of The Toast Mallory Ortberg, and the comedy duo Good Cop Great Cop; new poems from Brooke Michelle Robison (third place winner of the summer contest), Joseph Goosey, and Adrienne Raphel (second place winner); a cat piano construction manual by first place contest winner Mark Dee, as well as essays by Lawrence Lenhart and Sandra Allen; “Another Oz,” Michael Sheehan’s one-sentence story about a runaway bouncy castle, and other fiction from Alex McElroy and David Busis; with mixed media embroidery by Featured Artist Ana Teresa Barboza Gubo.  
Summer 2014
Featuring interviews with Drunk History co-founders Derek Waters  and Jeremy Konner, writer and activist Sarah Schulman, and Punderdome 3000 creator Jo Firestone; new poems from How I Became a Hum by Eric Baus, as well as poetry by Graham Foust, and the second place winner of the winter contest, Kathryn Hindelang; the first place winner of that contest Benjamin Harnett for his spookyy essay “Ghosts and Empties,” as well as essays by Ryan Oberhelman and Samuel Adler-Bell; new fiction: “Genie,” by Mark Polanzak, “Lost Dances,” by Kyle Coma-Thompson, and by Robert Johnson, the winter contest third place winner; with human body part sculptures made out of meat and other edibles by Featured Artist Dimitri Tsykolov.  
Spring 2014
Featuring interviews with Chris Gethard of the Chris Gethard Show, Chris Kraus, and Ethical Slut co-author Dossie Easton; new poetry by Anne Gorrick and Whit Griffin, as well as “Perhaps You See Where I Am Heading” by Michael Earl Craig; an essay on Hustler Scholars” by Sofi Thanhauser, and others by Rossina Zamora Liu and Chad Reetz-Laiolo; in fiction: “Todd Rogers' Advanced Seminar in Auto Aviation” by Mika Taylor, “After Math” by Lindsey Drager, and two more by Katy Rossing and James Warner; with contemporary lexicon painstakingly painted onto replicates of historical oils by Featured Artist Shawn Huckins
Issue 16, Fall 2013
Featuring interviews with comedian John Hodgman, and writers Charles Baxter and Sarah Manguso; new poetry from L.S. Klatt, Rachael Katz, Matthias Regan and Tom Daley (the latter three recent contest winners); Cutter Wood writing about seven words; Dear Joshua,” a last letter written to the late Joshua Casteel, by Mary Margaret Alvarado; the most recent first-place contest winner, “Ruler of the Four Corners of the Universe,” a short story by Jonathan Rovner; and stories by Hannah Pass and Daniel Brauer; with disturbing and beautiful oil paintings of food falling out of mouths by Featured Artist Daniela Kavocic
Summer 2013
Featuring interviews with legendary comedian Sandra Bernhard and essayist Michelle Orange; the winners of the Heteronymicon poetry challenge; essays by J.p. Lawrence, Third Place winner of the Winter Contest, and Erica Schweigershausen; Ander Monson's Dear Tom Chiarella,” from his forthcoming collection of essays in a box, Letter to a Future Lover; new flash fiction, including Filch and Rot” by Jac Jemc  and We Live on an Island,” by Mary Miller; “The Unlikely Death of Lawrence Fountaingale, School Bus Driver,by Nathan Raine, Second Place winner of the 2013 Winter Contest; and the DAN$E series of neon GIFs of ballerinas by Featured Artist Ryan Enn Hughes. 
Featuring an interview with novelist Rachel DuBois; new poetry by Tim Earley and Second Place Winner of the 2012 Summer Writers Contest Cheryl Walker; The Pentametron, a machine that makes poetry out of Twitter programmed by Ranjit Bhatnagar; essays by Ariel Lewiton about bros in saunas and Sam Adler-Bell about writing about writing about David Foster Wallace; a movie The Scared is Scared” by Bianca Giaever;  totally out there, in different ways, short stories by Amelia Gray, Lindsay Hunter, Vanessa Norton and Alexandra Ghaly (First Place Winner of the Summer 2012 Contest); with paintings on found packaging by Australian artist Ben Frost.
Featuring an extended interview with essayist John Jeremiah Sullivan (Pulphead), conversations with comedy writer Simon Rich (What’s In Gods Name) and comedian Myq Kaplan; new poetry from Les Gottesman, Annie Christain and Sara Deniz Akant; an essay on carwash sex by Joshua Wheeler; Diane Seuss’s brief lyric essay and contest first place winner “Hub;  a comic book memoir by Stephen J. West; flash fiction pieces by Rae Bryant and Roxane Gay; Joe Worthens magic realist story about a heartbroken graffiti artist; and surrealist oils by Dan Lydersen.
Featuring interviews with renowned essayist Geoff Dyer and loathed comedic personae Neil Hamburger; poetry about The Golden Girls by Brice Pettersen; new poems from K. Silem Mohammad; Russell Jaffes Mad Lib  series Apocalypse fistpump; an extended essay on LeBron James by Jonathan Callahan; essays from Nathan McKeen and Chelsea Cox; an excerpt from Nate Browns forthcoming debut novel The American Book of the Dead; a short story by Michael Don; with amended thrift store art by Ben Riddlebarger.
Featuring interviews with Deb Olin Unferth (Vacation), Ben Marcus (The Flame Alphabet), and Mike Birbiglia (Sleepwalk with Me); a new erasure poetry series by Mary Ruefle; Emileigh Barness choose-your-own adventure poem, How We Ended Up Where We Did and Why; a poem by Les Gottesman; an essays section devoted to exploring why Louis C.K. is awesome, with takes by Andrew Marantz, Bess Bell Kalb and Michael Robertson; Katie Assefs contest-winning flash fiction, Statute of Limitations” ; a short story by Holocaust survivor Bernard Otterman; a fiction piece entitled Diary of a Young Girl, Vol. II” ; with images of hipsterized icons by  Fabian Ciraolo.
The Music Issue: featuring interviews with Michael Gregory of the Gregory Brothers of AutoTune the News and noise princess EMA;  poetry set to Satie by Jeff Alessandrelli; Mark Dows transcription of Ella Fitzgerald performing How High the MoonNew Music” by Henry Finch; an essay on surviving raps malignant future by David Z. Morris; a sampling of sonic nonfiction from  Craig Eley; the greatest hits of Daytrotters music writing by Sean Moeller; a lengthy, hilarious rant composed on his cell phone by Das Racists Victor Vazquez; new epistollary fiction with accompanying tracks by Beau Watkins; and digital collages by artist and musician Sonny Kay.
Interviews with Sam Lipsyte (The Ask) and Wayne Koestenbaum (Hotel Theory); a collection of interdimensional poems by Annie Christain; poetry from Michael Ives and Rebecca Bates; M.J.C. Clarks essay on premiere UFOlogist Dr. Leo Sprinkle;  John Bresland’s video essay “The Seinfeld Analog”; essays by Diane Seuss and Paul Lisicky; Alvin Greenberg's first-place contest-winning The Most Beautiful People in the World; short stories by Onnesha Roychoudhuri,Tom Bonfiglio and Tim Denevi; with portraits of animals in dressed in finery by Ryan Berkley.
Featuring interviews with graphic memoirist Alison Bechdel (Fun Home) and science writer Anthony Doerr (The Shell Collector); a zodiac of forgotten constellations by Travis Smith; Jennifer Croft translating Milosz Biedrzycki; three geometric poems by Emiliegh Barnes; an essay on the brilliance of Joaquin PhoenixIm Still Here by Lucas Mann; an excerpt from Mark Polanzaks memoir POP!; excerpts from Bess Bell Kalbs blog The Unit; two movies by EveryNone; fiction by Kaela Myers, James Michael Strong; a haunting excerpt from The Baltimore Atrocities by John Dermot Woods; with images of Brian Dettmers gorgeous sculptures carved from books.
Featuring interviews with fiction master Gary Lutz (Stories in the Worst Way) and 2010 Pulitzer-Prize winner in Fiction, Paul Harding (Tinkers); Qaeda, Quality, Question, Quickly, Quickly, Quiet, a video alphabetization of George W. Bush’s “Axis of Evil” speech by Lenka Clayton as poetry; poems by Amanda Calderon, Mark Stricker and Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde; essays by Steven Church, Jen Percy and Miles Fuller; a hysterical meditation on tsunamis by Brad Fox; a short story Version: 1.0 Start HTML:0000000167 EndHTML:00000040567 Start Fragment 00000000457 EndFragment 0000040551” by Mitchell Salm; fiction from David Milton Brent and poetry editor Will Guzzardi; and photogrpahs of urban decay by Jonathan Haeber.
Subtitled “Truthiness”, the issue features interviews with David Shields (Reality Hunger: A Manifesto), Lauren Slater (Lying) and an interview, of sorts, with ultimate wag, Steven T. Colbert; a fiction section that is entirely nonfiction and a nonfiction section that is fictional and a poetry section that is generally pushing boundaries including: disturbing court transcript  prose poetry by Vanessa Place; a new series “Eyjafjallajokull” by Travis Smith; a List of Latin Phrasesby Alexander Marhefka;  Beau Watkins hilarious, epic, (incomplete) fan Wiki of the classic, nonexistent television series HorsoA Story Per My Therapists Request: A Story by Rachel  Yoder” by Rachel Yoder; an essay in the form of a local newspaper by Sarah Viren; graphic science writing by Perrin Ireland; an essay about the Araki Yasusada authorship scandal by Kent Johnson (a.k.a Araki Yasusada); Tony Tulathimuttes story about genital mutilation, The Man Who Wasnt Male; short stories by Dylan Nice and Erin Flanagan; and collages by Sam Carr-Prindle.
Wag’s first anniversary issue featuring: an interview with Nick Flynn (Another Bullshit Night in Suck City); an Oulipian poetry section featuring Ian Monk, Raymond Queaneau’s infinitely generating series (its first digital publication); and Syllable Sestinas by Damion Searls, Tiel Aisha Ansari, Winston Daniels, David Hamilton, and Marina Blitshetyn; “Hotel Coover”, the first-ever profile of fiction great and electronic literature founder Robert Coover, constructed in the shape of a hotel by Rob Moor; a hilarious exposé called “Google is Butchering the Written Word” by fiction editor William Litton; four audio excerpts from his forthcoming memoir about San Francisco by Andre Perry; fiction from Michael Ives, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Steve McClain and Kenneth Tinghe; and one hundred images of tiny white figurines being brutally murdered by Tara Kelton.
Featuring an in-depth interview with the late David Rakoff; a hilarious chat with Chicagos best improvisers, TJ and Dave; an excerpt from Ara Shirinyan's Google-generated series Your Country is GreatJulia Alter’s haiku series “Color Theoriesand
new poems by Mathias Svalina; 
Lucas Mann’s essay on Glee; a stunning magic realist memoir from Lina Maria Ferreira Cabeza-Vanegas; Ben Rogers’ heartbreaking tale of a horny insect, “Mayfly” as well as short fiction from John Givens Jessica Bentz; pieces by the winners of the second Wags contest, Engram Wilkinson, Michael Palmer and Naomi Kruger; with portraits of unsuspecting strangers by street photographer Markus Hartel.
Featuring an interview with fiction master George Saunders; John D’Agata and Lee Gutkind in dual interviews spar on the state of the essay / creative nonfiction; a translation-focused poetry section featuring five translation of Arthur Rimbauds Voyelles by Christain Bok, an interactive electronic translation of Cuban poet Rogelio Saunders by Sara Gilmore, six translations of Hans Carl Artmann from Rosmarie Waldrop and translations using the Microsoft Word spellcheck feature by Winston Daniels; a graphic essay by Dayna Tortorici; an essay on Peeps by Rob Moor; an audio essay on the Birthright program by Kiera Feldman; a charming video essay by Jarbas Agnelli; “Laura, Linda, Sweetie Pie,” a short story by Daniel Wallace; short stories by Louis Wittig, Gerald Barton, and Donald Dewey; with charcoal stills of scenes from Point Break by Jack Lovell.
Featuring a conversation with T.C. Boyle; flarf poetry by K. Silem Mohamad, Kenneth Goldsmith and Mathias Svalina’s screenshot epic “I am Extremely Terrified of Chinese People”; digitally scrambling annagrams by Gregory Betts; a video essay in the shape of an ant by Noam Dorr; five pieces of creative micro nonfiction by Stephen Elliott, Doug Brown, Travis Smith, Winston Daniels and Eve Hamilton; fiction from Robert Meixner and Raleigh Holliday; and the three winners of the inaugural Wag’s Revue writers contest, Lindsey Baggette, Lili Wright and Lauren Lovett. Disturbing photographs by first-ever Featured Artist Michal Chelbin.
Featuring Wag’s bombastic founding manifesto; interviews with Dave Eggers, n+1 founder Mark Greif and new master of the short story, Wells Tower; poetry from Alexa Dilworth, Travis Smith, Winston Daniels, Jessica Laser, and Tina Celona; digitally interactive prose poems from Pauline Masurel;  Rosemarie Waldrop translations of Ernst Jandls visual lips poems; Rob Moors seminal essay on the hipster “On Douchebags” and other essays from
Eve Hamilton and Alison Fairbrother; photograph-inspired fiction by Brian Evenson in collaboration with Peter Sellakaers; and short stories from Michael Paul Simons and Raleigh Holliday; images from Brandon Chinn, Julia McKinley, Raymond Sumser, Maureen Halligan, and Janine Cheng.