Featured Artist BEN RIDDLEBARGER is an illustrator from Dayton Ohio. He has never had any formal training but has been drawing religiously since he was a small child. Drawing inspiration from his funny and unique upbringing, he has an eye for the absurd and holds no boundaries when creating pieces. Though his main medium is pen and ink, he has recently ventured out into scouring thrift stores around the city to find the “ugliest” art he can and turn it into something new and intriguing.


His artwork has always contained elements of perversion, whether hidden or right out and a lot of his detailed art contains many hidden images that require a good eye to spot.  He is constantly drawing and his friends have come to accept that he will not hang out with them unless he has a pad of paper and pens. He is currently working  on an illustrated book called Melting Away based on the life of his older brother, as told by  a one-eyed penguin named Peregrine.


To see more of his work, some of which might provoke anger and/or uncontrollable laughter, please visit his artist page at  He is also available for special requests and loves a challenge.


Cover art “Breaking Cover.”