Perhaps this explains why we can become so upset when our online environment changes. Apple recently tricked us into upgrading to iOS7, and for weeks it was as if someone had snuck in and rearranged our kitchen cupboards. (This kid knows what we’re talking about). Big media sites The New York Times and The Guardian have begun publishing new multimedia-rich, long-form articles, a much-needed step towards journalism finding its true form online. However, we can’t help but feel each resembles a very old boarding school that has just opened a brand new sports complex: they glisten, but don’t quite cohere. Meanwhile, our government healthcare exchange sits half-built in plain sight. In an attempt to shift public perception, the site’s programmers removed the anonymous, smiling “Obamacare girl.” People, predictably, freaked out.


We have been preparing an overhaul of our own website for years, and one day, we’ll finish it, which will no doubt upset many of you as well. (Others will rejoice, as will we.) Until then, we’ll continue doing what we do: publishing strange and wonderful writing of the kind not so commonly found online. 


Might we suggest you begin with Cutter Wood’s essay, “House,” and roam from there? 


The Editors,

Wag’s Revue