We’ve been able to make an object the size of an orange completely disappear. Of course we won’t. Merely recalibrating workplace skills, local industry consists of a sawmill. At least a decade ago, we were put in charge (we from whom we are taking the country back). New world full of men: off the record, recent years have caused you to become the most influential experts we’ve never heard of. Wistfully, I am an average, reasonable, intelligent young man. Often the formation and structure of my brain begins to sprout question marks — roughly equivalent to reaching for a pencil with one hand, despite batting it away with the other. Marked in this spectrum of culpability (by the merits and demerits of sawdust seen through the goggles that protect our eyes, redirecting sight), even damage is a thing that uniformly guides behavior. Among silhouettes, we’re all in the middle. No edges, one frail splinter departing from the rest.