“Can we just go?” she said. “Forget the whole thing?”


“Already?” I said “We just got here. You can still ask her.” I pointed toward the pink house. “We can just strut back in there and tell her what's up.”


“Not anymore,” Anna said.


“Sure we can.”


Anna sat up, a red mark between her eyebrows, a third eye.


“I'm over it, see!” She showed me her teeth.


“You're not,” I said.


“What. Maybe I should get all married, like you? Ball and chain?”


“Seriously?” I said.


“I would love to strut back in there. In fact, I've been strutting all over this city and where has it gotten me?” Blink. Blink.


I missed strutting. But I did not say this.


Seconds passed.


“Are you hungry?” I said. “We can get lunch.”


“No, I'm tired,” Anna said. “Let's go, okay?”


“Okay,” I said.